5 Pest Control Tips

All pest have 3 things in common: they must eat, drink and hide. If you take any of the above. You will stress the pest thus forcing it to move away. Pest can cause unimaginable damage if not controlled. In this article we are going to give you tips on how to control pest in your house.

  1. Inspect your House.

To get rid of pests in your house, you need to properly inspect your house to know where pests hide, what they feed on, where they feed. You can only control pest if you are able to read their minds. Inspection is a good way of knowing your house to know if your gutter and downspout are working and in good condition.

  1. Prune Tree Close to Your House.

Most pest hide in in tress. Therefore, if you have a very big tree that is not pruned, then it is time to prune it off so as to destroy the breeding as well as the hiding place for pests. Don’t forget to spray a suitable pesticide so as to prevent the pest from find their back. In addition ensure that you clear out all stagnant water around the compound so as to destroy their breeding ground.

  1. Close all Crack and Holes 

Pest usually find their way into the house mostly through cracks and holes. To block their way in, ensure that all cracks and holes are well sealed. This will prevent and frustrate pests from finding their way into the house. If possible apply suitable pesticide on that particular region after you have completely sealed it.

  1. Ensure that you House is Clean 

Pests usually thrive well in a place where there is food. To control and even get rid of them completely you need to ensure that you don’t give them access to food. This means that you must ensure that you clean dishes before you sleep. In addition, you must ensure that you empty your dustbin as well as keep the shelves clean. This way, you will starve and weaken the pests.

  1. Contact a Professional Pest Control Technician.

If pest have invaded your house and you are finding it difficult to control them even after applying the methods discussed above, it is advised that you call a professional pest control roseville technical to help you get rid of stubborn pests in your house. Profession technical have the right knowledge and they how to get rid of even the most stubborn pest. They also have the right tools of work that enable them to trap and kill stubborn pests quickly.

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